World Sound Day Of Healing, Love... All Found "In The Quiet"

An artist often heard on “In the Quiet” noted that today is “World Day Of Sound Healing.” She then play a singing bowl for us on Facebook.

We hear so many sounds, some pleasant, others jarring. Many times we aren’t even aware of them, until we suddenly don’t hear them, such as, the sound of the refrigerator, or even, the sounds from some of our lights or other electronic devices when plugged in. And all of those sounds and so many others affect us, add to a sense of distraction and even irritability. It’s called mind control, and you can find lots of articles and videos attesting to this on the internet.

Thus, healing sounds are so important for our sense of well-being, and that’s just what’s heard “In The Quiet.” In fact, when we hear these healing sounds, there’s more room for love to be experienced. In fact, it’s not uncommon to become aware of how much we already are love, made of love, and able to choose to be loving!

“In the quiet.”
7:00 P.M. EST.

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We’re all together in this, so let’s spend as much time as we can “In The Quiet.” It may just be what helps to make a positive difference in the choices we make, individually and collectively.

And so it is!

Debbie Hazelton