Update! And, Returning To ACB Radio

Hi Everyone,

I never expected being gone so long, and I know some of you thought I'd never return.

After approximately eight months, I'm returning to ACB Radio Interactive with both "The Good Energy Mix" and "In The Quiet" beginning this week, July6 16 2018. "On The Inside Track" will return to ACB Radio Mainstream beginning in August.

My other project I spoke about when I left will come into play in a parallel way which will not interfere with my participation with ACB Radio.

It's been a highly charged time since I left. The break was much needed. Our caregiving demanded constant attention from all of us here. It was intense, a 24-7 vigel that demanded flexibility, patience and focus constantly. If you've ever dealt with Alzheimer's, it's a terrible disease. Under statement. When I was first here four years ago, we often had to repeat things every 30 seconds which, as it was, was frustrating and sad for all of us. In the last couple of months however, 30 seconds would have been a long time. It became necessary to repeat, reassure etc., every ten seconds! In February, Tommy died. We had actually gotten Hospice in a few days before, not anticipating he was ready to leave, but knowing we could get far more support in the way of services. It was ac tually a quick decline from there. Given a series of things that happened within his last few days, we're glad his suffering was alleviated. But oh, we sure do miss him! Periodically, we get signs that he's saying hello.

I can't begin to say how much learned in the privilege of taking care of him. H got to see, and be, every caregiver, teacher, helper, parent, who ever had to deal with me! Imagine that! I felt his frustration, his powerlessness. He was much kinder in his darkest hours than I ever was in mine. All the while, really since I've been here, I have felt myself change, becoming someone very different. My decisions, perceptions, actions and choices are far different. More of my own Swiss Cheese holes have been filled in. More brain cells have clicked into a very different way of being.

After Tommy died, we got into a huge project around here or reorganizing rooms, purging and shifting. My office is now in a new room, and it's only been set up now for this last week. I wanted to wait for much of this to settle before returning to live broadcasting.

After about six weeks of being gone, I began to miss "The Good Energy Mix." "In The Quiet" has remained on several stations. It took a lot of energy to make sure they had shows during this time. I intended to stop giving them shows, when I learned that this show when from being on four stations to nine, and now back on ACB Radio, it will be ten. This renewed my commitment. Though those stations have increasingly taken this show, I've missed bringing it live to those of you who listen on ACB Radio. It doessn't felt fare to keep it from you any longer as I hear from some of you from time to time about how you've missed it.When I began "In The Quiet" I knew it cemented me more fully into my sense of mission, to carry a positive message of spirituality.

In the last couple of months, I've met some other friends through YouTube, been a guest on their channel, and am about ready to expand my channel as well. I've learned about YouTube Live. It's a challenge to take it on but I'm going to see if I can manage it.

I've also been speaking more locally. I'm pleased this has yielded more invations to speak with great feedback. There are some other exciting things I'll save for sharing on air, so I hope you'll tune in.

"The Good Energy Mix", Monday, 11:00 A.M. Eastern.
"In The Quiet" Tuesday, 7:00 P.M. Eastern.

Find me on Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to message me during the show, particularly Monday, as I keep "In The Quiet" just that, quiet. :-)
Hope you can tune in.

Meanwhile, contrary to popular belief out there, I still say it's a very exciting time to be alive and on this planet. Stick around, and you just might find my message andenergy positively contagious. :-)