A Reflective Moment

I just posted this on Facebook and so want to put it here as well.

I'm in such a reflective moment. Today, cleaning out and reorganizing drawers, I had a pile of pictures and things and thought Des might want to see them and, could help me know what to keep and what to discard. I didn't realize I'd be going back to the past to such a degree.
There were old report cards, back to kindergarten and first grade. There were painstaking progress reports written by a few of my teachers. I could so appreciate the time and energy they took to write them. It was heart-warming to know they enjoyed me. I could hear their concerns, suggestions, the things they were proud of... It was interesting to hear more of how they saw me. As I heard their statements, I went between what they were observing and saying, and to world in which I was living back then
I remember so many things about each and every one of those teachers. How I wish I could spend time with them now, expressing my appreciation of them. .
It reminds me of when caring for Tommy, Des and Tony's father, I began to see every other person who ever was a caregiving, teacher, parent, kind person in my life. I could appreciate their ordinariness and their extraordinariness as I grappled with my own strengths and stumblings in my role with Tommy. Suddenly all of those adults in their various roles became awesome, very real people as they, and later, I, as we were and are not always equipped with the right words. As we guess and fumble at the best way to say or do things. I don't think it is ever really about saying and doing life perfectly. It's about our intent to do good, mean well.
Lately I've been thinking about the various conversations around politically correct language. Perhaps a more appropriate way to approach this is to strive increasingly for language that is inclusive. Maybe that's a sidebar, and maybe not. :-)
In any case, wow, how very moving to read, and hear described those pictures and messages of so long ago. While I can't go back and contact those teachers. I know my ongoing task is to continue to show up for people and in conversations today, appreciating so much of who and what we all bring to life in each and every moment, now!
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