Let Yourself Off The Hook! Really! "In The Quiet"

Hey there! And happy new month!

Is there a referee on your shoulder? Tell them no thank you, and send them on their way, and come rest In The Quiet. Without that pressure to be or do or become by anyone else’s agenda, even your own, without that old list of “should-a could-a would-a… you might just find more energy to be more and thus do more from a peaceful place within. Works for me, as long as I listen from within and allow the depth from beyond old negative tapes to repair and guide my way.

Come be inspired by the sheer beauty of music! It’s powerful stuff! And it’s here for all of us!

7:00 P.M. EDT.

Hey, it might really make a difference you can keep, a difference that allows you and everything in your life to make a positive difference going forward!

Debbie Hazelton