When there's soooo much going on..., "In The Quiet" ... just what we need!

Hey it’s "ITQD!”
That’s how it’s getting to be known by some of us.
"In The Quiet Day!"
There, is, soooo, much, huge stuff going on for many of us, major life crises, sudden surgeries… just major changes suddenly demanding attention And all of us, needing and deserving yet more kindness, more TLC! Someone actually asked me one day a few years ago what TLC was. Tender loving care! Yes indeed! And while we need it from each other, we also need and can get it, fill up with it in the quiet! Those quiet spaces between this and that, between the busyness of thoughts, words, conversations, noise, and yet more that demands our attention!

Come and let your soul, your whole self bask in luscious sounds, some quiet reflection if you wish, a safe container of just being.

7:00 P.M. EDT.

It’s always good to have you there when you can be with us!

Debbie Hazelton