What Are WE Waiting For? Let's Take The High Road!

Many feelings out there, many frightened people and broken relationships! Rather than fight, how can we unite? This past week I reminded a number of people that there’s always more going on behind the scenes. What’s happening in that egg before the chickies hatch? What’s happening in buds before they flower? Maybe the thoughts/feelings/space we hold has a lot to do with results we find.

Come take the high road with me! I couldn't/didn't always choose it myself, so have a lot of empathy for how challenging it can be.

But what if wonderful things are happening behind the scenes? What if we send out good energy and prayers, good wishes, blessings, positive hope for those working the front lines of today's conflicts? There's far more than meets the eye, certainly far more than what the media tells us! With every show or performance that goes on, do you think you've known the back-drop details of all that went into it? With projects where and when you worked behind the scenes, can you remember knowing there was so much more to the "real story" than what most saw or knew?

There's plenty of drama, plenty distractions if we want more places to fill our time and energy. No thanks. For me today, time and energy are currency. I pay little attention to the news. It's like processed food, devoid of real value. I'm willing to give the grand design a chance to work! How about you? I don't need your answer. It's between you and your heart.