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And here we are, at the beginning of another new week. We have to talk about love. After all, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. And, as long as there’s so much divisiveness on our planet, I don’t think we know enough yet about what love is and isn’t. At least I’m still learning. What a journey! I did a show before Valentine’s Day one year that was all about love and had a few people tell me they didn’t think they’d like it from the description but in fact, they did. What if love is not just gooey and sweet? What if it’s multi-textured and flavored? I know, I’ve got this thing about vanilla… lol, but but…, have you heard me talk about this? :-)

Anyway, I hope you’ll tune in!

11:00 A.M. EST.
The Good Energy Mix!
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See you then and there. :-)

Debbie Hazelton

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