None My Binnett

Here we are in a big eclipse weekend, just before this solar eclipse on Sunday.

As I continue to keep my energy in a high place, I'm reminded of how important it is to detach from all sorts of things, such as drama, ego, petty stuff. This includes other people's stuff. If they're running with their egos, into drama, into the need to be right, feeling or acting entitled..., I may notice, and then, it's really none of my business, (none my binnet!)

I'm reminded of a quote from "The Game Of Life And How To Play It" by Florence Scoven Shinn where she basically says that no matter what our relationships are with each other, "Every person is my teacher." I can learn from their/my actions, learn from my past. I can see how far I have come, or where I need to go. I can gain empathy, send love, offer honest feedback if asked... Ultimately, it's not for me to instruct them, change them, enlighten them, persuade or fix or enable them. The best way I can offer healing is to stay out of the way and send love, light, equal to the highest of intensions and let them be.

I like the acrromym for EGO: "Edging God out." There's healthy ego, and sometimes it takes larger egos to take on big jobs. There's such a thing as healthy self-esteem, and, as I stated in my second book "Solving The Self-esteem Puzzle", I don't believe there's any such thing as too much self love, that is, genuine self love. I don't believe though, that genuine self love needs to be arrogant.

I used to believe that if I knew something, it was for me to say it. It's amazing to watch group dynamics and notice how others in group settings end up bringing up what needs to be said. I don't have to do it. In fact, things often go more smoothly if I don't. I can just send love and blessings. The more I stay quiet and out of the way, the more right working takes place.

It reminds me of the magnificent ways our bodies are made, how one breath and then another continue to happen on their own. Blood continues to pump bringing vitality to my whole body, without any need for me to orchestrate or organize these functions.

And so it is...