New Blog, New website. What?

There’s something about a new website, a new computer that reminds me of moving into a new house.


I’ve moved many times though somehow I get more excited about new houses than I do new websites and computers. In a way I think it’s more fun to figure out where to put things in houses. There are lots of choices. Yet with a new site, new computer, any new technology there are learning curves. I seem to be masochistically taking on quite a few. I also have the learning curve of my Android phone, along with my iPhone that now, doesn’t have a Home button and uses face ID. And then, there’s a growing use of Zoom and all of its features for more meetings…


The list goes on. I keep hoping that the more learning curves I take on, the more brain cells I get!  (More curly cues for my brain, please).


Thank God for humor, and the occasional wisdom of patience.b